What We Do

Vedha Electricals is a service electrical contractor company dedicated to providing high-caliber electrical system solutions to residential and commercial facilities.

We provide state of art services and solution to a large and diverse customer base.

Our services include:
  • Preliminary Engineering
  • Preparation of specification
  • Expediting & Inspection services
  • Engineering Services
  • Site support services
  • Vendor Selection
We have an established client base and are proud of our exceptionally high level of repeat business, we offer our clients unrivalled levels of professional services & quality standards & continued success.

Our Expertise in Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Vedha Electricals has consolidated its strength in Engineering, Procurement, Construction and commissioning.

With a brilliant tract of successful project executions, VEDHA ELECTRICALS has established itself as a niche player in the EPC, MEP & PEB, and business with interest in market segment such as industries, Hospitals, Hotels and Colleges, Commercial complexes and residences. We play a crucial role in these sectors and provide services from the earliest stages of pre project development up to start up. Our competent team if engineers brings expertise to the segments they serve, while applying competence and skill to all their work.

We offer the following area of expertise:
  • Engineering
  • Global sourcing and supply ( competitively and engineered product)
  • Field services (testing of installation to commissioning )

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